About Us

Kenyans in South Australia: After a series of discussions in 2004, Kenyans in South Australia identified a need for the community to come together to form a Kenya Association as a means of promoting social cohesion and networking amongst members of the ever expanding Kenyan community which was then composed of international students, newly employed professionals who had graduated from university and migrant families.

Formation of a Kenyan association was seen as the best way to promote and preserve Kenyan culture amongst Kenyans and friends of Kenyans. The association was also meant serve as a platform to advocate for interests of the Kenyan community in South Australia with government agencies and other relevant entities. Kenyan Association of South Australia (KASA) was thus born. Over the years KASA has grown from a small association comprising of 13 members at its inception to currently arguably the largest Kenyan Association in Australia with over 110 members.

K.A.S.A Constitution


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